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Faith in Action {Intro to the book of James}

Faith in Action {Intro to the book of James}
Faith comes first
But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds." Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.- James 2:18 NIV

James wrote this letter to the early church to rebuke them for neglecting certain Christian duties.

In his letter, James analyses the nature of genuine faith, and encourages us to demonstrate the validity of our experience with Christ.

James provides advice for our everyday lives.

It teaches us on the joy found in suffering as well as the power words have.

He tells us that the key to dealing with our problems is to keep our eyes upon Christ, allowing Him to be not only Savior but also Lord. 

James is saying that our faith is not to be cheap and he gives us a warning that trials are coming so we had better be prepared for them! Because it is not a matter "IF" we'll face problems ...but "when".

It's a fact: We will face they're part of live...they're simply inevitable, unavoidable, and unpredictable, and no one is immune! So the way we deal with them is crucial for our contentment and faith.

The good news is that we can actually profit from trials. The key: is for us to look to Christ, not to our situation, and declare our circumstances as joy. We are to be content and satisfied, to face them, and then learn and grow from them.

Other principles James writes about: Wisdom, resisting temptation and about prayer.

James 2:18
Faith and Good Deeds

Genuine Faith = Action

Genuine faith produces good deeds, genuine faith also transforms lives.

Faith has to come first because when good deeds are done in faith, God always gets the glory.

It is easy to say have faith, but true faith will produce loving actions towards others.

James encourages us not to only hear the truth but to put it into practice. He contrasts empty faith (claims without any tangible action) with faith that works.

Commitment to love and to serve others is evidence of true love.

As we study the book of James, let us remember:

  • Genuine Faith translates into Good's just the outcome. Living faith makes a difference. Let us make sure that our faith is more than just a statement, after all actions speak louder than words. Let us seek for ways to put our faith to work.
  • Words are powerful, watch your mouth.
  • Earnest, heartfelt prayers are effective.

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